Delhi/NCR: ICCPL, a renowned name in PR & Brand Management with its expertise in handing Indian Real Estate Clients has ventured into Digital Marketing by launching a new company called ‘DigiComm Media Services’.

Under ‘DigiComm’; a specialized team of Digital Marketers will be handling the digital accounts and will help to promote the company on online platforms. Real Estate has been awakening to the need of digital services as the market has grown beyond the local regions where one develops a project. With the growing need and to provide a 360 degree marketing & communication solution, ICCPL has ventured into digital solutions.

Dushyant Sinha, Founder of ICCPL and now DigiComm says, “Everything is going to get digital in coming few years. The early we understand is better for all of us. The buyers are online, the seller is online, it’s time we start creating focused digital marketing campaigns and target the ever growing online market”.


Bygone is the era where keeping low was respected, in today’s market place the need to be heard and be seen has taken a significant place because of ever increasing number of competitors trying as hard to provide counter claims, choking the space surrounding the organization and thus making pictures hazy. All these have made Public Affairs management a vital part of business strategy. ICCPL would help to analyze situations, recommend strategies, develop communication programmes and carry out a variety of related activities from the gamut of services provided by ICC in tandem with the Group Advantage.


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