Noida: In its entire history, Noida could not have asked for a better Sunday than today. On the occasion of International Yoga Day, World Music Day and Father’s Day, Noida Authority with its promise of clean, green and healthy Noida campaign came out with its first ever Raahgiri on Sector 18 main road, opposite to The Great India Place (TGIP) Mall, Noida, Uttar Pradesh.

The sunrise began with a light cloudy breezy weather promising to be a perfect day for workout and recreation. By 5.30 am, the anchors at Raahgiri Noida had commenced with the show and started to gear up the crowd for what turned out to be a 3 hour epic extravaganza. At 6 am, the Raahgiri road was ready with the crowd roaring to launch its fun assault on the road. Today being the International Yoga Day which got celebrated in nearly 200 countries worldwide, the Raahgiri Noida event also kick started with a Yoga session for the Noida Raahgirs present there. After an hour long mental and physical relaxation session of Yoga by trainers from Fitness World, the crowd was then presented with dance and music performances where they celebrated the World Music Day by performing Zumba and sang along with Roots, the music band. During the dance and music performances, the road was also filled with children playing football, badminton, cycling, skipping, painting, running and enjoying on every inch of space made available to them.

The picture got even better when the man behind the show Rama Raman, CEO, Noida and Greater Noida authority came at the Raahgiri venue in proper workout outfit. He even kicked and bounced a few footballs along with encouraging plantation of trees, and lastly gave a welcome & thanksgiving speech to the public. “We are extremely pleased and happy to see such a gathering here today. The message through this initiative is very clear; to make sure that Noida gets clean, green and healthy. We welcome everyone to Raahgiri Noida and hope that these 3 hours help you get the best of health and peace. Also, thank you to everyone who came here today and to all those associated with Raahgiri Noida”, said Raman.

At the venue, social messages were delivered very uniquely. Father’s Day was celebrated as a group of people held placards and spoke out to public about the importance and role of a Father and why should we respect him. The significance of Women empowerment was highlighted through a well-rehearsed skit. The importance of Girl child and planting of saplings was pushed into the minds of the public through highly descriptive graphics designed and spread across the entire Raahgiri road along with plantation of over 200 saplings across Noida region. Special lessons and sessions on archery, martial arts and photography were provided as well which attracted a huge bunch of children and youngsters. At 8.15 am, the famous ‘Google Girl’, Jiya Phutela displayed her master skills and stunned the crowd with her brilliant aptitude. The other stage was rocked by the renowned Dahek Rock Band who had the public dance on their tunes and concluded the maiden Raahgiri Noida.

The 3 hour extraordinary event had witnessed a massive gathering of around 2,500 people from across Noida and other neighbouring regions that were wishing for the clock to stop for more time for them to enjoy the fun and frolic morning. The event had every element of fun associated with it and made sure that the turnout today had an amazing time.

Feeling jubilant, Dushyant Sinha, Director of Das events expressed his gratitude saying, “I take this opportunity to thank the entire Raahgiri Noida Team who had worked day in and day out to make sure that Noida gets the best 3 hours each Sunday of the week starting from today. My special thanks to Uttar Pradesh Government, Noida Authority, Noida Traffic Police, Noida Police and all the sponsors and partners to the event. Each Sunday in Noida will now be full of entertainment which will help us all to lead a mentally and physically healthy life. We look forward to meet Noida again next Sunday”.


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