Pitrupaksha, a period that lasts 15 days, is especially an auspicious time for honouring our ancestors and expressing our thankfulness to our deceased elders. Now days, it is also a way of implanting respect for elders in the minds of the young ones. Throughout the Hindu religion, deceased are remembered during Pitrupaksha. On each day of the fortnight, special offerings are made to ancestors whose lunar date of death parallels to that particular day. On the last day of the fortnight, known as Mahalaya Amavasya, oblations are presented to all those ancestors whose Tithi of death is not known. During this time, offerings or sacrifices called Shraddh are offered to the dead and departed ancestors of the family. It is believed that until Shraddh is performed, the departed relative’s soul remains impatient.

Therefore, during this time around we must certainly seek the blessings of our ancestors so that we are able to follow the right path directed by them, and accomplish our goals with the least hindrance. Keeping this view in mind, many people now a days believe in starting something new with support and blessings of the ancestors. Developers in the real estate sector have taken this time as an opportunity to gear up for the final festive season in the market. Shradhs end up with the beginning of Navratris and the festive season is observed till Diwali. Most people have started to accept this time as a lucky period since blessings of the deceased families members are with them.

Mr. S. J. Singh, CMD, Urbainia Spaces says “The time period of Shradhs is a way for beginning of the final festive season of a calendar year. Therefore, many have started to treat this time as a platform for beginning with new ventures, as this time around our ancestors lay their blessings on us. Earlier, the footfalls and sales used to be at the lowest as people were against buying anything new at this time, but now perceptions have changed and people believe in buying at this time can bring further luck”.

Mr. Rupesh Gupta, Director, JM Housing says “In our Hindu religion, we always start something fresh after seeking the blessings from our parents or elders. This time is regarded to be the most honoured time for our descendants. Hence, people have started to accept this time as a lucky period especially for doing something big. Investing in property is one of the biggest decisions of one’s life and planning a property during this festive season proves lucky for some too”.

Mr. Kushagr Ansal, Director, Ansal Housing says “Most people consider these 15 days of Shradh as a time to gear up for the upcoming festive season. The footfall is extremely high during this season as people have religious sentiments attached and prefer to invest more in assets like properties, gold and automobiles. The demand for property has been on the increase and with the festive season commenced, the sector will flourish soon”.


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