Children Homes – the new rage among builders and buyers

For 7-year old Sunaina, her dream home means living under the same roof as Cindrella and Alice in Wonderland. She wants to see her favorite Disney characters sharing space with her. Little does she know that today her dream can turn into reality with the latest children themed homes offered by real estate developers! 

This new rage among builders and buyers is gaining momentum thanks to the children playing a decisive role in property buying. Builders such as Supertech Ltd and the Prestige Group have tied up with Disney for developing Disney-themed homes in India. The concept is largely based around offering Disney home products across total home solutions including furniture, bedding, rugs, tableware, kitchenware, fans, paints and bath accessories. 

Other builders in the fraternity such as Cosmic Group and Ajnara Ltd have attempted to offer concept homes in the ultra-luxury segment as well but none of these have captured the imagination of the buyer as child based themes.


Quote by Ashok Gupta on Children homes

The most typical feature of these projects is the art work in and around the project. Artists from across the globe are called and their expertise is put to use in these projects. Further, the sales personnel is given specific training to sensitise families to the value additions in these projects. 

Here’s a look at some of the unique features in these projects:

Children Homes - the new rage among builders and buyers


Supertech is one such builder that has tied up with Disney India for Disney-inspired interiors and exteriors at its project, Fable Castle, part of Golf Country at Yamuna Expressway. The costing implications of these projects are at a higher scale, which is 25 per cent more as compared to regular projects, says Mohit Arora, Director of Supertech Ltd. 

The success that builders have had with child-centric homes has prompted them to launch other theme based projects. 

Global exposure, higher income, awareness and growing trends are influencing buyers and developers are rising to the occasion to capitalize on the opportunity being posed by these innovative concepts, adds Mohit Arora. There has been a continuous growth in this particular segment as developers continue to meet the growing demands by catering to the potential customers. 

Children Homes - the new rage among builders and buyersChildren Homes - the new rage among builders and buyers

Cosmic Group, on the other hand, is offering European ultra-luxury with romantic based amenities in their ‘La Gracia City Of Romance’ project in Rishikesh. While, Ajnara’s Ambrosia project in Sector 118, Noida is offering a complete Spanish experience of living as its theme.

Profitable growth is a major goal of the developers and they also aim to develop their brand, target new customers and widen their product portfolio, says Sushant Muttreja, CMD, Cosmic Group.

New concepts that are gaining ground are:

• Architectural design of various cultures – Egyptian, Arabic, European, Roman or Spanish
• Sports theme, especially with a golf course
• Ultra-luxurious and romantic based themes

Buyers today, don’t just want a house, but an overall unique living experience. It for the developers and builders to fill this expectation gap.


SOURCE: 99acres.com (http://www.99acres.com/articles/property-trendz/821-children-homes-the-new-rage-among-builders-and-buyers.html)


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