Glorious Corporate Journey with Marketing Strategies at its Best


To emerge as a successful and an admired entrepreneur has indeed been a tough job and such a quality underlines the need for a bunch of distinct personal traits, such as visionary, leadership skills, selling ability, consumer friendly attitude, inclination towards taking matured marketing initiatives and the art of motivating the peers in times of need. In other words, the culmination of such qualities will indeed transform a simple soul into a charismatic personality who will look forward to, by industries to lead the way forward.

Hence, at this point, we feel elated to proclaim that Mr. Vikas Raj Sharma is a blend of such enlightened managerial qualities which are highly looked for in the present age, for drawing a competitive edge. Mr. Sharma who became a member of Cosmic, has a glorious experience of 17 years behind him. As such, he has been the pivotal marketing force behind several national and international projects pertaining to several fields such as IT, Marketing, Customer Relationship Management, Direct Marketing and Sales, Real Estate Sales, Channel Development and so on. Besides, he has also supervised several other ITES projects on foreign lands.

Guiding Philosophy:

Mr. Sharma efficiently manages the work force at Cosmic and marvels the peers with his innovative management techniques that are squarely directed at time and product optimization. In other words, it is indeed astonishing to note that how easily he unravels the layers of complication of a given task and how smoothly thus, he achieves the well perceived goals. Besides, owing to his cutting edge marketing skills and worldly rich operational experience, he is tenacious enough to conceive projects and wide range of marketing plans and corporate strategies which are concentrated towards well perceived goals. Finally, we can easily come across great philosophies and ideas which are thoroughly been highlighted while Mr. Vikas Raj Sharma is in the chair. Moreover, he strongly believes that the Indians are not lesser than any other blood and acknowledges Swami Vivekananda, Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel, and Subrata Roy of Sahara are his role models. The height of his dedication to such personalities is so high that we can easily perceive them while he pens down the organizational directions and outlines the marketing plans and sets up goals.

He has been hailed widely across the globe for his outstanding marketing concepts and has been commended at length for achieving goals within the stipulated timeframe. However, his most admired achievement has been the way he has handled a network of 2 million sales people, spanning across the country. The most striking approach that Mr Vikas Raj Sharma widely implements is that while formulating the plans and corporate strategies, the capabilities and quality of skills of the work force are thoroughly kept in mind as Mr. Sharma stresses more upon quality, rather than quantity. To him, quality is unique and can hardly be gauged.


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