Indian real estate is going just through the right phase where the concept of luxury and modern living is getting imbibed with the modern day buyers. Buyers; and especially end users do an exclusive market study for homes or spaces that can be refurbished as per their own desires. It also makes perfect sense that if you choose and set up your favourite things in the house, you will tend to like it more. If you go on to choose things that are comfortable from all possible senses, you’ll get a home that is not less than a personal paradise. Therefore, it becomes extremely significant to form a space that encourages energy and peace in the environment.

A good looking interior or décor must sure that all the vital elements such as furniture, paint, curtains, kitchen accessories, artwork, fabrics, chandeliers, etc. are present and must complement one and other. Artifacts and accessories add a touch of glamour to the rooms thereby creating the desired effect through the use of objects, paintings and artwork. Mr. Deepak Kapoor, Director, Gulshan Homz says, “Buying a property in a good society is one thing and making it look the best amongst the rest is another. A home is complete only when we add a something of what we like or desire about. It is always best to select objects, accessories or décor that portrays your style and look warm and welcoming. A good décor not only pleases the residents but speaks a lot about one’s personality if someone visits”.

Let’s take a peep at how certain home décor objects should be used to present a well-defined living. To begin with, paint is something which will cover almost as 70 percent of a room/house look. Covering a particular room from five sides, the easiest and most inexpensive way to change the look of a room is to paint the walls as per the desired colour and selecting the perfect colour is a quick way to make the space comfortable. A quite person interested in spicing up things would go for a warm bright colour to control the mood in a positive way. Today, there is a trend of artwork on the walls as well. This includes canvas paintings, ceramic work, portraits, glass paintings, photo frames, etc. Mr. Arvind Singh, MD, KRasa Group says, “A good artwork and paint sets up the best platform for a great home décor. The best and genuine artwork is done where a manual labour is employed and has designed it completely. Whereas, now a days we see a lot of machine work on the walls which make it look artificial. There are of relevance for those who have an artistic streak within. A good paint and art work can make most jaws to drop”.

Moving ahead, furniture is another integral part of a smart décor. There is no use of a uncomfortable furniture if the rest of the décor is delightful. Selection of furniture runs parallel with the look of the room/house. First, it is most important to have a good quality furniture which is comfortable in use and at the same time of the size which complements the size of the room. There is no point in having a small uncomfortable bed when you have big master bedroom. Therefore, choose the best quality and suitable size furniture along with its accessories which match the flooring, size and paint work of the room/house.

As much as furniture, lighting plays a very vital role in décor. Think about each area of each room in the house. Accordingly set up lights as some parts need general lighting, some might not even need any and some might even require focus lights for reading purposes. The use of white and yellow coloured lights need to thought off as well. Yellow coloured lights should be used only in personal rooms which might even have a darker colour theme. In other rooms such as drawing/dining, kitchen, restrooms, etc. white lights are most advised due to the balance of colour that it provides with all shades in the room. Mr. Prashant Tiwari, CMD, Prateek Group says, “Choice of lighting has a huge impact on the get up of the room. The number of lighting objects should not be more or less in quantity. The number should be such that it provides a balanced view in the room. Another thing to keep in mind is whether the colour of lights complements the colour of paint in the room. White light usually complements every colour but preferably brighter coloured walls and vice-versa for yellow lights. For bar room design, multi coloured lights are most advised as it gives a very pleasureful effect”.

Finally the finishing touch; which comes from having photo frames, mirrors, curtains, rugs, lamps, chandeliers and other such accessories. Family photo frames are for hanging in personal rooms, a well captured scenic photo frames are good for drawing/dining rooms, chandeliers are usually to be placed in a dining room and used with dim effect, curtains and rugs must be present in every room; rugs must complement the flooring and curtain colour should match with the paint colour un the respective room. Other accessories such as mirrors and lamps or other decorative objects can be used as per the choice. Mr. Kamal Batra, Chairman, Buniyad Group says, “Accessories are something which needs to be updated from time to time as they are most used directly and hence wear and tear a lot. But these are the items that get to show off the most. We tend to gather lots of accessories and end up with creating a clutter in the room. So, it is recommended to buy good quality reliable accessories that are less in number and must be kept very thoughtfully in places. At the same time, every accessory must be off good quality and finish so that the get up of the room looks good”.

To conclude, in order to get the best out of a house; it is extremely important to make it the best. We spend most of the time in our houses so it is advisable to keep a good look of it, always. Also, the presently trending modern living theme projects will help in making the buyers understand the importance of home décor and encourage them to work on it.


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