India’s biggest elections are finally approaching to an end. The long and most awaited judgement day has finally arrived. Real estate sector is considered to be the most important sector for the economic growth of the country as it contributes the most in the Indian GDP and provides maximum job opportunities. Thus, it becomes imperative for a government to keep a track of this sector and hear to what demands they have.

Mr. Sushant Mutreja, CMD, Cosmic Group

Looking at the current economic condition, expectations are high on several fronts from revival of economic growth to fixing the uncontrolled inflation and curbing the inflation rate and unemployment within a few months of taking over of new government. Due to the polling season, the real estate market had dampened, as most of the buyers and investors were playing a wait and watch game. Once a new government is set up; new & pending policies and bills such as land acquisition, land pooling policy, real estate bill, etc. will hopefully be passed and some older ones relooked which will provide a much needed moral boost for the buyers and real estate people; then only the sector will start picking up.

Mr. Rupesh Gupta, Director, JM Housing

Real estate companies are fronting the force of high interest rates, tight liquidity, enormous debts and lending curbs. A slowdown in demand means there has been a piercing barb in inventory of late. For investors, it is not all dead and buried, as most real estate stocks are open for as low as a fraction of their book values, making them eye-catching from a long-term perspective. But for a government, key element is providing homes to the masses and at affordable prices. At present, the input or the material costs, such as steel, cement, iron, etc. are sky high which ultimately reaches till the buyers and home loans are at very high interest rates. In total the buyers then go onto pay 30 – 40 percent extra money. The new government must help in reducing these material costs and also decrease the interest rates so that cost of a house must justify the spend on it.

Mr. Arvind Singh, MD, KRasa Group

There is no individual or government that has got a magic wand in their hand. So, it will be most vital to see how rapidly the new government can transform the economy. The groundwork for the new government is been very well laid down by the old government which took a series of positive steps in the past one year. For starters, an area where this sector would like the new government to work upon would be the faster clearances of projects. Moreover, the government must renew its attempts on attracting FDI into the country so as to improve the overall business environment. Also, government must help in reducing the cost burden on the buyers by reducing the home loan rates. All in all, there is a mammoth task in hands of the new government and expectations are greater.

Mr. Kamal Batra, Chairman, Buniyad Group

In order to grow vertically, it is very important for any sector or industry to have a continues support from the government at the centre. The newly formed government must first look into the matters which are of prime importance. Real estate is the highest contributor to the Indian GDP and employment; hence its regulation becomes significant for overall growth. So, forming a government body or giving this sector a status of an industry is vital. Due to recession and poor market sentiments, last few years have been unspeakable as the demand has faded and few wrong doings being highlighted. Forming better policies and norms along with clearing of pending bills will contribute greatly.  Finally, controlling inflation rate, developing better infrastructure and aiding with adequate power and water supply at rising real estate destinations will benefit the future buyers and residents.





Our nation is standing on the verge of formation of a new government. A lot has happened over the last five years, the plan for the next set begins. Indian economy is being going through a very sluggish phase and now requires a good democratic leadership. Every sector or industry expects something from the new government. Real estate being one of the most demanding and growing sector; has something to request from the new government.

Mr. Ashok Gupta, CMD, Ajnara India Ltd.

As the polling season approaches to an end, every citizen of the country is pinning hopes with it. Real estate sector too expects that the state of affairs will alter for the betterment of the society. The most important thing that is to be kept in mind is, when a new government is formed how quickly it will manage to clear the pending bills. The land acquisition and real estate bills are standing on the verge of a decision; the greatest news for the sector and buyers would be when these bills get passed by the new government. Also, formation of good policies will make sure that a systematic approach is being followed in every business thereby reducing the teething troubles and increasing the performance output.

Mr. Prashant Tiwari, CMD, Prateek Group

It is pretty much clear that for quite some time now the real estate sector has been going under a slowdown due to unstable economy, rising inflation and price stagnation. After the election season is completed, investors will be keen to resume their investments. Highlighting feature would be the flow of income from foreign nations. Most of the nations wait during the polling season in a country in order to see how the new political and economic environment shapes up and hence it becomes very essential that the newly formed government must act in favour of this sector so that the future economic stability is controlled. At the same time, the new government must take strong decisions to form certain policies and norms to attract greater FDI which will not only promote this sector, but the economy in general.

Mr. Kushagr Ansal, Director, Ansal Housing

Every business, no matter its nature and the political scenario of a country has an interdependent relation and hence the general elections are the biggest matter of concern. For many years now, India’s economic and political condition has been quite unstable which has eventually affected every industry and business. Therefore, the first and foremost expectation from the newly formed government would be, to be stable and have a long term practical plan of action in place. Secondly, the government must look in to reducing the pressure on the existing lands by introducing new land parcels. The existing land rates are pretty high; the burden of which finally falls at the customers with an increased flat cost. Therefore, decreasing the land rates is something more that we would be expecting from the new government.

Mr. Deepak Kapoor, Director, Gulshan Homz

The last year we witnessed a major setback in the sector as the demand for property had gone far below the expectations. The investors had been in and out of the market most of the times. As far as the market condition is concerned, it will definitely recover after the polling season is complete and a new government is formed. One of the most prominent issues addressed by all the parties this season was the Right to Homes. But this can only be fulfilled if several other factors such as EWS, curbing the inflation rate, decreasing the housing loans, etc. are worked upon. All these factors, if taken care of properly will not only raise the demand for housing but will also allow the weaker section of the society to buy their first homes.




Noida: Ajnara India Ltd., one of the most prominent players of NCR is being continuously in the lime light for successfully launching and delivering projects in the region. In one of its recent launches ‘Ajnara Ambrosia’ at Sector – 118 Noida; the company has come out with a new payment plan under a 30:30:30:10 scheme wherein, the first 30 percent is bifurcated in 10 percent to be paid on booking and 20 percent within the next 45 days. The next 30 percent is to be paid on completion of the 15th floor followed by another 30 percent on the completion of the 24th floor. The final 10 percent of the amount is to be paid on offer of the possession.

The project is located at a very close proximity to the FNG expressway, NH 24 and a proposed metro station; it is close to the Hindon River as well so it also shares a huge green belt with the project. At Ajnara Ambrosia, it is poetry, in brick and Mortar. Built with utmost care and a passion to give you the very best of lifestyle there will never be a dull moment in Ajnara Ambrosia. The project literally soaks in the spirit of nature. Designated to be airy and planned in a manner to be naturally lit complete with proper ventilation, the pleasure of living at Ajnara Ambrosia will simply be indescribable. Life here will be a celebration, a sheer delight unmatched by anything else.

Inspired by the earthy feel of Spain, Ajnara Ambrosia introduces a ‘Spanish Living’. Sprawling effervescent greens, wide open walkways, blooming flowers, complete homes with balconies and courtyards, and typically arched hallways make this gated community a ‘little Espana’ in itself. Away from the noise and chaos of everyday, this tiny Spain will give the peace and serenity necessary to rejuvenate. The company is working diligently with the sole aim to make living truly spectacular. Seeking inspiration from the best of architectural traditions from around the world, it has always striven to provide with homes customers will cherish all there life. Taking this saga further is Ajnara Ambrosia will usher in an era of fine living ensconced within truly spectacular architectural tradition. The company is offering high class modern amenities such as state-of-the-art Club with Spa, Steam & Sauna, fully equipped Gymnasium, swimming Pool with Kids Pool, Ultra-Modern Visitor’s Lounge, beautiful landscape designed by renowned architect, basketball court and badminton court, separate visitor’s parking space, wide roads within the complex and even a golf cart for dropping visitors.

The company will be constructing 19 towers in total and will be offering 2, 2+1, 3 and 3+1 BHK apartments ranging in size from 854 sq. ft. to 1995 sq. ft. The company is also planning to come up with a few villas in the project. The project at present has been offered at a BSP of Rs. 3,922/sq. ft. onwards.

Mr. Ashok Gupta, CMD, Ajnara India Ltd. says, “Looking at the way demand is rising along with the prices, real estate market requires innovation that can help and encourage potential buyers to buy a property. By introducing such a scheme, we are trying to offer a simple payment method to the customers so that they can plan and allocate funds with ample of time in their hands. The project is very special in its concept, as it offers a Spanish feel and lifestyle from its very construction to the amenities offered”.




        Buying a property is supposed to be the biggest financial step in anyone’s lifetime. Most of us even go on to drain out most of our financial resources and yet would have to borrow some amount from banks to be able to pay the entire property cost. In order to make these situations a little less challenging, developers often bring out different payment schemes or plans.

There are usually two forms through which developers offer different schemes. One form is, which is present normally with most developers such as, construction linked plan (CLP): where in payments are made according to the different phases of construction of a tower, down payment plan (DPP): where a certain minor portion of total property amount is paid upfront and the rest on offer of possession and finally, a flexi payment plan (FPP): which is basically a combination of DPP and CLP wherein a little percent of amount is paid up front, for e.g. a 10 percent, then a minor amount of let’s say 30 – 40 percent within some 30 – 60 days and the remaining amount on the offer of possession. These are the three basic plans which are offered by most developers.

Although, the trend has begun to change and the real estate sector has appreciated by manifolds; which means that property prices have also appreciated. In view of this the developers have started to offer various unique payment plans which helps in reducing the overall financial burden on the buyers. Schemes such as subvention, equal proportion plan, 40:60 plan, etc. are gaining a lot of popularity in the NCR real estate market. In a subvention scheme, one can buy an under-construction property by initially paying some proportion of total property amount. The remaining major portion of the amount is paid the bank directly to the developer, from whom the loan is taken. Till the customer gets the possession of the house, it is the developer who pays the EMIs to the bank on behalf of the customer. The advantage for the builder is that, they get the entire funds upfront and the customer does not have the burden of paying EMIs till the possession of the property. Prateek Group had introduced this scheme during Navatras on two of its projects; Prateek Stylome and Prateek Wisteria with a 15:85 plan under subvention plan and has continued with it due to the successful response from the buyers. Mr. Prashant Tiwari, CMD, Prateek Group says, “The sole reason of introducing such schemes to the public is to decrease the financial burden of the buyers; taking in to consideration the kind of appreciation that this sector has received so far and the graph looks to be growing constantly with time. Through this kind of scheme, the buyers are also able to build a trustworthy connection with the developer, which is very important for the future of this sector”.

Next, the equal proportion plan. This is a young and budding scheme which has been very recently introduced by a few developers. In this scheme, the buyer pays the entire amount in equal proportions according to different stages of construction. For e.g., JM Housing had introduced a 20:20 scheme for its project JM Florence during Navratras and for the then ongoing T20 World Cup. Herein, the buyer had to pay the entire property amount in five equal instalments of 20 percent a piece as per different phases of construction, from booking till possession. Mr. Rupesh Gupta, Director, JM Housing says, “We had introduced this scheme last month and received a wonderful response. Through this scheme, JM Housing is trying to give a simpler payment schedule to all their customers and it is also observed that this is a much flexible and safer method of payment which also imbibes trust in a customer”.

Apart from these unique plans, developers offer various other payment plans such as 60:40, 30:70 scheme, etc. These have a basic structure in which former proportion is paid at the time booking and the latter part on the offer of possession. Ansal Housing is offering a 30:70 scheme for its project Ansals Highland Park, Gurgaon wherein 30 percent of the amount is to paid within 6 months from the date of booking and the remaining 70 percent on offer of possession. Mr. Kushagr Ansal, Director, Ansal Housing says, “We have tweaked these kinds of payment plans a bit. A regular such plan demands some amount on booking and rest on possession, whereas we are offering a six months extra time to the buyers. In this way a buyer can book a property and pay the first part in 6 months and the rest on possession. This also encourages a buyer to build faith and trust in the developer at the same time provides with a lot of time to plan and pay the remaining part”.

Ajnara India Ltd. also came out with a 60:40 plan for its two projects; Grand Heritage Ajnara and Ajnara Daffodil. The best feature of this deal was that these projects are to be offered for possession in just next six months. This means that initial major portion is paid at booking and rest during possession. Mr. Ashok Gupta, CMD, Ajnara India Ltd. says, “We started this scheme for Navratras and went on to book over a hundred flats in nine days. The response was excellent. Such schemes are brilliant when the possession is very near, because the major portion is paid first. This and other various payment schemes are gaining popularity as it provides a better means of payment and provides time to allocate resources”.

Gulshan Homz, one of the most trusted and prominent real estate players of NCR is all set to carry the success forward with its ongoing project Gulshan Ikebana, located at Sector 143, Noida. The company has launched a very interesting payment plan of 40:30:30. With a last few options of flats available at Gulshan Ikebana, Gulshan Homz has announced an exclusive payment plan of 40:30:30 wherein the scheme says that now just book your flat with a payment of 40 percent and then pay 30 percent during the mid-phase of the construction and pay the final 30 percent of the amount before offer of the possession.




In the run up to the elections, we are now approaching the final few days before the big decision comes out. Many feel the need for a new party to be formed at the centre and many feel that the existing government should stay. Nonetheless, everybody expects some or the other from the government at the centre; but the most important thing is the betterment of the society in general. At the end of the day whatever may be the result, the country should grow vertically in all aspects.

Mr. Arvind Singh, MD, KRasa Group says, “This time the election season has been one of the loudest if we speak about the approach of the parties. Everyone had laid down their action plans in front of the people and the polling is being completed. The judgement day is not far now, but the most essential thing everyone must keep in mind is that, it is not a war of parties but a selection for a better future of the country. Even if we dislike some party, we must respect their victory and help them to create a better India”.

The real estate sector of India is the prime contributor of the GDP and employment. It is very significant that this sector must get the maximum mileage out of the newly formed government. Mr. Prashant Tiwari, CMD, Prateek Group says, “For the last many years now, real estate has contributed the most towards the GDP and employment of our country and these are still early days for this sector. Indian real estate currently is going through a bit of revolution as many new concepts and some western concepts are being looked upon. Therefore, it is very vital that this sector works smoothly and continuous support is provided by the authorities and government bodies”.

Being the highest contributor in several parameters, real estate is still to get their due recognition of being known as an industry. Real estate does not have a ruling government body and hence it is still recognized as a sector. The experts from the sector feel the need for the new government to look into this matter as well. Mr. Rupesh Gupta, Director, JM Housing says, “Real estate has given this country a new look all together and now the developers have targeted the tier 2 & 3 cities as well. This would mean that there is a lot of scope still left for this sector to boost the economic growth of the country. It is now time that real estate must be promoted as an industry and a government body must handle it. This action will also allow rubbing the false notions of people about this sector”.

With less than five days left to the judgement day, people across the country are keeping their fingers crossed and are expecting the best. Mr. Ashok Gupta, CMD, Ajnara India Ltd. says, “These days come every five years in the Indian political calendar. The counting day is the most important day for every citizen of our country. Everyone is keeping high hopes; we hope that the best party wins the show. We hope that the outcome of this election proves to be the best for everyone. We hope that the new government forming at the centre does well for this sector too. We hope for the best. Good luck to all!!!”.


Gulshan Homz Launches a new payment plan for Gulshan Ikebana


Noida: After the grand success in Indirapuram, Gulshan Homz, one of the most trusted and prominent real estate players of NCR is all set to carry the success forward with its ongoing project Gulshan Ikebana, located at Sector 143, Noida. The company has launched a very interesting payment plan of 40:30:30. With a last few options of flats available at Gulshan Ikebana, Gulshan Homz has announced an exclusive payment plan of 40:30:30 wherein the scheme says that now just book your flat with a payment of 40 percent and then pay 30 percent during the mid-phase of the construction and pay the final 30 percent of the amount before offer of the possession.

With Gulshan Ikebana, Noida is about to witness a new benchmark in refined living. The property offers three bedroom choices in four sizes. The location of sector 143 offers pristine locales and easy accessibility.But the highlights of the property are the amenities and finer detail in common areas. The Club at Gulshan Ikebana hosts number of recreational facilities such as swimming pool besides the restaurant, a.c. gym, kids lounge, amphitheatre, laundry services, yoga centre, spa, indoor games room, luxurious sprawling welcome lounge and much more to relish. The club with its manicured lawns promises to be a perfect spot for rejuvenation. The project will build across 539986.82 sq. ft. of land offering 1527 units varying in sizes from 1340 sq. ft. to 1995 sq. ft. The BSP for the project is Rs. 4900/ sq. ft.

Gulshan Homz has been greatly recognized in the sector for being one of the most promising and fast growing companies. And this foundation is laid by the Founder & Managing Director, Mr. Gulshan Nagpal, that Gulshan Homz has stood rock solid for more than 20 years. The foresightedness of Mr. Nagpal has helped the company envision and improvise its skills. No wonder then, today the structures speak for themselves and future looks bright with a number of premium projects already in the market. While many just leave it at words, the company practices every little syllable. Gulshan Homz is a stamp of excellence, an organisation of invaluable experience and a company that boasts of honesty morals, integrity, transparency and ethics. From the foundation stems the four grand pillars of Gulshan Homz – Length, Breadth, Height and Passion.

In view of the newly launched scheme, Mr. Deepak Kapoor, Director, Gulshan Homz says, “We have received an overwhelming response till now since the day we had launched Ikebana. We have kept no stones unturned when it comes to providing luxury in this project. Very carefully we have planned and designed the amenities in this project keeping in mind all the luxury needs of the future residents. The location is also wonderful as it is in extreme close proximity to Delhi and Greater Noida. With this new payment plan, we hope to offer a more flexible mode of payment for the customers”.




New Delhi: Ansal Housing much known as the benchmark of Indian real estate has been known for its quality, commitment and unique product offerings. The company recently announced yet another unique plan for its project, ‘Ansals Highland Park’, located at sector 103, Gurgaon. The company is offering a special 30:70 scheme for its project Ansals Highland Park, Gurgaon wherein 30 percent of the amount is to paid within the first six months from the date of booking and the remaining 70 percent on offer of possession.

Ansal Housing presents ‘Ansals Highland Park’, a group housing project spread over 11.70 acres of land approx. and located near Dwarka Expressway. Being one of the much thought about projects; the company is offering various world class amenities such as gated high-rise development with controlled entry/exit points, abundant green open spaces with inviting Central Park, adequate power back-up, landscaped courtyards, jogging track & cosy sit-outs, soothing water bodies, adequate water back-up, 24 x 7 security, pedestrian walkways, facilities management and much more. The entire project would be constructed in to 8 towers, offering 620 units. The project offers 2/3/3+1 BHK apartments varying in different sizes from 1361 to 2670 sq. ft. At present, the BSP for the project stands at Rs. 5,200/ sq. ft. onwards.


The biggest benefit that this project would provide, apart from its offerings and amenities is the location advantage. It is located only 30 mins from IGI airport, bang on Dwarka expressway, 45 mins from New Delhi railway station, 20 mins from Delhi cantonment area and located at a close proximity to the IT hub of Gurgaon at sector 37. The project work had in March, 2013 and is going at a perfect pace. The company is planning to offer its possession by the end of 2016.


Mr. Kushagr Ansal, Director, Ansal Housing says, “We have tweaked the regular kinds of payment plans a bit. A regular such plan demands some amount on booking and rest on possession, whereas we are offering a six months extra time to the buyers. In this way a buyer can book a property and pay the first part in anytime within 6 months and the rest on possession. This also encourages a buyer to build faith and trust in the developer at the same time provides with a lot of time to plan and pay the remaining part”.